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Shot-listing for busy creatives in Film and TV

We use Generative AI to take the grunt work out of shot-listing, so you can focus on the creative parts.

How it Works

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Shotlisting for busy DPs


How long does it take you to shotlist an hour of screen time. One day? Three days? How about a few minutes, to have your base draft and structure? Yup, it's fast.


ShotlistAI combines programmatic breakdown of text with advanced generative AI technology to analyze your script and identify shots with surprising accuracy. You can modify the shotlist returned by the AI and include your personal preferences. 

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How it works

Time saver + Career saver

List the simple shots in seconds, so you can spend more time on the complex ones. It will save you days in prep. It could also save your career when you only have hours to plan your next shoot day. 

Beat the Blank Page Blues

Starting a shotlist may feel daunting some times. What if you start with a draft that is 80% there, and beautifully formatted too?


On Set, On Point

Things can change in a heart beat. Make changes on the go and send the new shotlist to your team instantly. Then make your day.

Our Story

Founded by a team of  cinematographers, entrepreneurs and data scientists.  We saw an opportunity to use technology to make shot listing more efficient and enjoyable. You're Welcome!


Uses advanced generative AI technology, so you can create a shot list in fraction of the time. It's paperless, easily sharable and can be integrated with other apps you already use.


We understand the sensitivity of un-produced scripted material. Your script is safe with us. Your original material will not be used for machine training. Your data is safe with us. Read more here.

Who are we
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