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Town Hall

Past event

Saturday, March 30, 2024

1o am LA /1 pm  NY

How is AI going to change our lives as filmmakers and creatives?


Recent advances in image and video generation have created uncertainty and anxiety among film and TV professionals. 

That is why we invited experts with diverse backgrounds (legal, media, technical, and entrepreneurial) to share their perspectives and answer questions from the community.

Join us for an informative event!

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Steven Beer_edited.jpg

Legal counsel specializing in the film, television, and music industries. Trusted advisor to content creators, industry leaders, and acclaimed artists.

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Lauren Weber.jpeg

Reporter at WSJ

Writing about employment and workplace issues  with a special interest in job security, and the intersection between economic trends and the on-the-ground practices of employers.

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Ryan Emanuel_edited.jpg

Co-founder & CTO, FilmaticAI

LA based data scientist and a DP. His dual experience in cinematography and machine learning brings a unique perspective to image processing.   Member of the ASC's committee for AI. 

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Leland Krane_edited.jpg

Director of Photography
CEO & Co-founder, ShotlistAI

DP with 100+ credits in TV & Film. Harnesing AI to work smarter and eliminate busy work, so he can focus on being more creative.

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