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Filmmakers of the World, shotlist with us

Updated: Apr 2

Hello, filmmakers of the world. Great news! Now you can use our shortlisting tool to shortlist scripts in any language, in any format. You don't need a standard US film script in order to use our shotlisting tool.

Watch the video below for a quick demonstration of how to use our new copy/paste feature for international filmmakers.

Here are the steps described in the demo video above:

  • Log into your account as usual

  • Click New script (top right)

  • In the pop-up, select the link Manually Enter Script

  • Give a name to your online script

  • Copy and paste your scene text in the box on the left of the screen to shotlist your first scene

  • Continue with scenes 2, 3, etc...

  • When you are done shotlisting, you can export your shotlist in pdf of csv. Let us know how it goes! We love to hear from our users!

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