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Digital Tools for Filmmaking: Notes from the Second AI & Media Townhall

Welcome back to the AI & Media Townhall where we explore the latest developments and trends at the intersection of artificial intelligence and the media industry. In our second townhall, we focus on digital tools for filmmaking, and we are joined by some amazing creators and experts in the field.

A Look at the Evolving Filmmaking Industry 

We kick off the townhall with a discussion with Nic Sadler and Guy Goldstein, the creators of leading digital tools for filmmaking such as Artemis, Helios and WriterDuet. Nic has been at the forefront of film industry technology in the past two decades, both as a cinematographer and as the lead product designer at Chemical Wedding, the creator of Artemis and Helios. Guy Goldstein is a programmer, a screenwriter, and the founder of WriterDuet, as well as two new tools for screenplay analysis. Nic and Guy share their insights on how the industry has evolved over the past decade and how AI is impacting the industry today.

AI-enhanced workflows that creatives employ right now 

We also hear from Jaron Presant ASC, an award-winning cinematographer who helmed projects ranging from the tent-pole blockbuster "Rampage" to the critically acclaimed television series "Poker Face". Jaron talks about how he is using AI in his current workflow. He shares how digital tools in the past, present, and future have not just made his creative process more efficient, but transformed it in new and unexpected ways.

Ethical Considerations of AI in Filmmaking

We also discuss important ethical considerations of AI in filmmaking. It's critical that we ensure that filmmakers and creatives are active participants and stakeholders in the development of AI tools.

Sneak Peeks and Demos

We also get a sneak peek of a new script analysis software ScreenplayIQ and PitchTrailer, and an impromptu demo of Artemis Prime. These tools are revolutionizing how filmmakers work, and we're excited to see how they will continue evolving. 

If you would like to take and for a spin, Guy generously provided a 50% discount code: AI50 for the members of our community. You’ll find Artemis and Helios at Chemical Wedding.

For the community, by the community.

We would love to hear what you would like to discuss next! Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or comments, or would like to nominate future speakers or suggest topics for future discussions. 

You can also join the AIM (AI & Media) Group on Facebook for real-time updates and resources.

Have a Listen

We hope you enjoy this recording of the second AI & Media Townhall. 

Cheers! 🥂

The Product Team at ShotlistAI



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